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She Opened Her Mind, And Saw The Light.

It was the end of Obama’s second term and I was arguing about politics with my mother, standing in her kitchen spouting off about Obamacare and universal health care... I was the quintessential low info voter, a lifelong Democrat because they just seem so much cooler than Republicans, right? And I had voted for Obama twice, the first time because he was such a charismatic speaker (the second time because I thought he just needed a little more time to get the things done).

My mother patiently listened, and then she asked me a simple question: “But...there’s a difference between health care and health insurance, right?”

That was it. The whole ball of wax unraveled with just one little tug on a loose thread. I went home that day with more questions than answers, and for the first time I felt doubt. The more I researched and discovered independent journalists, the more I found Obama’s policies overreaching and disagreeable (especially ACA), it was like waking up inside a nightmare. When Trump announced he was running for president, I thought maybe he was a clever “plant" inserted into the election to drum up support for Hillary, and I didn’t hate rich people enough to fall for Bernie’s socialism schtick, so I voted for Hillary in the primaries.

When Hillary won the primary, I watched her victory speech and instead of feeling proud that we may finally have a female president, I thought, “something is very wrong.” It was her demeanor. She looked..smug.

So, in my first act of political defiance, I voted Republican in the general election. (and yes, I smirked while I was doing it.)

I wasn’t sure I was a conservative (I’m still not sure), but I could no longer in good conscience vote Democrat. My core belief that Democrats were implicitly the “good guys” had been shaken by what I had found out underneath their shoddy cover up job. And I didn’t think America would survive another "Obama” era of socialistic policies. The night of the election, I watched the news on my phone at home alone, while my liberal LA friends were having their "Hillary parties.” (They were so sure that she would win, they were basically tailgating for her.) When the news announced that Trump had won, I was so relieved— I knew America was awake-- and that the “politics as usual” bloated corrupt lying bureaucracy that we call government would never be the same. For better or worse, I thought.

But the fight didn't end there, it has only begun...and there's no going back into the Matrix.

Now, I’m allergic to the Left. I’m allergic to any politician that oozes “coolness” and affability and seems too good to be true. I’m allergic to sly propaganda passing itself off as news. I’m allergic to Leftist agendas and the endless assault on our freedoms. I’m allergic to censorship (including self censorship). I’m allergic to self righteous Leftism, that “we know better than thou” smugness I saw on their faces right before the election.

The more they tell me to stay silent, the more I will speak up. The more they bully me, the more I will defy them. The more they bury the truth, the deeper I will dig. The more division they sow, the more I will unite. And the more they lie to me, the further I will keep walking…

A million thank you's Brandon Straka for creating #walkaway (sorry I'm too shy to do a video, and also I'm a ...yeah). Thank you for inspiring me with your testimonials and giving me a little bit of your "light" to carry me through everyday, I’ll walk to the ends of the Earth with all of YOU for this country. #unite #unitedstates #walkawaycampaign #patriotism #letfreedomring

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