• John J Woodhouse

Putting Things In Perspective!

It's Pearl Harbor Day, and It’s year end and the Holiday “giving” season is upon us. It’s nice to give to save the trees and rain forest, or save the Gopher Turtle, it’s nice to save the Timber wolf, or save the sea turtles or the Bald Eagle or the Amur Leopard. But have any of these things or animals ever made a sacrifice for you? Have any of them done anything to protect you and your freedoms? Have any of them spilled their blood and died to secure and protect the freedoms that you and I take for granted every day? No, they haven’t! Only our veterans have done that. Only our veterans and military families have made great sacrifices so that you and I can go to the movies whenever we want, start a business if we choose, take a vacation to anywhere at any time, go to dinner or simply enjoy family around the Thanksgiving table, the Christmas tree or a Hanukah bush. Only our veterans have defended our freedoms and the American way of life. So, let’s put things in perspective, it’s great to save a rain forest, we need them; it’s great to save the Humpback whale, it’s also one of God’s creatures and the world be a lesser place without it. But in the big scheme of things, do you really think saving a tiger, or some endangered rat is more important than saving a fellow human being? And not just any human being, a “veteran” human being. Someone who actually made a sacrifice for you and me and our families. Someone who may have put their life in harm’s way to protect you and everything you enjoy. Don’t you think he or she deserves more than just a “thank you for your service” when we see them in a restaurant or a mall? I do! If you had to make a choice between a Grey Wolf, or a Black Spider Monkey or another human being, a veteran, which one would you choose? I know which one I would choose! So, join me in supporting Saving Veterans Homes and help our veterans. Go here to make a difference your donation can help keep a veteran off the streets or out of the morgue.

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